13 Spring Cocktails You Need To Make ASAP

13 Spring Cocktails for Every Spring Cocktail Friday

A season is 13 weeks long. That means 13 Cocktail Fridays.  Here are 13 Spring Cocktails you need to make for each and every one of those warm Friday happy hours.

10 Recipes To Celebrate Spring

1) Pimm’s Cup In A Pimp Cup

Pimm's Cup In a Pimp Cup

You read that right. Inspired by a moment from a FX’s Archer, I created this tacky but delicious behemoth to celebrate the season premiere. A Pimm’s cup is made with in season fruits, sparkling lemonade, and Pimm’s #1. This recipe makes 5 drinks and that’s perfect for one Pimp Cup and a super fun start to Cocktail Friday! ?

2) Strawberry Mojito

The Lemon Strawberry Mojito
via The Lemon Bowl

Strawberries are in season in early spring, so a strawberry mojito is the perfect thing to start out the spring.

3) Strawberry Basil Caipirinha

Peas and Crayons Strawberry Basil Caprinha
via Peas and Crayons

From Peas and Crayons:

Have you ever heard of a Caipirinha? It’s the national cocktail of Brazil, and is made with Cachaça, a Brazilian sugarcane liquor that’s similar to rum.

Strawberries may be in season, but so is fresh basil. ?

4) The Rhubasil Cocktail

Gastronom The Rhubasil Cocktail
via Gastronom Blog

We’ve gone from strawberries to basil being in season. Well now guess what? So is rhubarb. The ‘noms did it again with this rhubasil cocktail! 

5) Spiked Hibiscus Lemonade

Bread Booze Bacon Spiked Hibiscus Lemonade
via Bread Booze Bacon

Edible flowers are in bloom so let’s put them in a bunch of drinks! Bread Booze Bacon totally rocked it with with this Spiked Hibiscus Lemonade 

6) Kombucha Lavendar Violette Vodka Cocktail

Cheeky Kitchen Kombucha Lavender Violette Vodka Cocktail
via Cheeky Kitchen

Let’s be honest here. Kombucha tastes like gasoline and gives me gas. Maybe they should start fracking for kombucha. But wait! When you mix with lavender, fresh squeezed Meyer, lemon, and vodka, it actually tastes quite good! Also, flatulence aside, kombucha is SUPER healthy for you.

7) Cucumber Gin Elderflower Smash

Big Flavors From A Tiny Kitchen Cucumber Gin Elderflower Smash
via Big Flavors From A Tiny Kitchen

Fresh mint, fresh cucumber, fresh limes.  All the freshest ingredients go into this Cucumber Gin Elderflower Smash.

8) Pear Hibiscus Brunch Cocktail

Rachel Cooks Pear Hibiscus Brunch Cocktail
via Rachel Cooks

And in the last episode of drinking with flowers, we have this pear hibiscus brunch cocktail.  You could drink these all year ’round, actually.

9) Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail

Giraffes Can Bake Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail
via Giraffes Can Bake

Fresh raspberries, made into a simple syrup, mixed with peach vodka and champagne. Boom giraffes can drop the mic! ?

10) Patron Rosa Picante Margarita

Sugar and Soul Co Patron Rosa Picante
via Sugar and Soul

The Patron Margarita Of The Year! Made with rosewater, 2 types of tequila, and jalapeño oil this spicy cocktail is perfect for a warm spring night.

11) Rosé Sangria

Grey is the New Black Rose Sangria
via Grey Is The New Block

Rosé is the perfect choice of wine for spring; crisp like a summer white but warming like a winter red. Combine that with fresh strawberries and and raspberries and you have the perfect Easter sangria.

12) Lemon Jalapeño Roasted Blackberry Mojito

Peas and Peonies Lemon Roasted Jalapeño Roasted Blackberry Mojito
via Peas and Peonies

Roasted blackberries give this spicy mojito a perfect twist. (Twist! Get it?)

13) Light Citrus Paloma Cocktail

Cotter Crunch Sparkling Citrus Paloma Cocktail
via Cotter Crunch
P.S. Paloma is Spanish for DOVE. Which is a sign for PEACE. So…. There’s that and just more confirmation that this tequila cocktail definitely fits into the holidays, amen!! PALOMA, LOVE, JOY!

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  1. I want them all, right now! Spring cocktails are the best

    Thanks for including my Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail 🙂

    • Right? Making this list really made me want to make each and every one!

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