Appetizer Recipes

Jalapeno Jelly

Jalapeno Jelly Made With Roasted Peppers

Are you a fan of sweet heat? Then Roasted Red Jalapeno Jelly is what you need to bring to your next cocktail party or holiday dinner! Sweet Heat Are you a fan of sweet heat in your food? I’m guessing you probably are because sriracha is in the top 10 most preferred condiments in theContinue reading

Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts Balsamic Glaze

Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts With A Balsamic Glaze

Everything is better when it’s wrapped in bacon! Balsamic glazed bacon wrapped brussel sprouts are the perfect easy side for your dinner and if you stick a toothpick in them, they’re a great appetizer for your next party! Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts?! Insert Drool Emoji Here! YES! Because everything is better wrapped in bacon; exceptContinue reading

Chicken and Waffles Chicken Fingers

Chicken And Waffles Chicken Fingers

Chicken and waffles chicken fingers are two of your favorite junk foods in one! Chicken and Waffles?! Yep! Its a soul food treat in a bite! These chicken tenders are coated in waffle batter then deep fried to perfection. I mean could it get any better? Oh wait it can! We’ll be serving them withContinue reading

Hush Puppies with a Smoked Cheddar Dip

Hush Puppies With A Smoked Cheddar Stout Dip

Hush puppies with a cheddar stout dip made for Beer Month 2016. Made with store bought cornbread mix and served with a smoked cheddar stout dip are the perfect game day snack. Puppies!!! What do you call a ninja dog? A hush puppy!!! ? Alright folks, friend of the blog and all around awesome ladyContinue reading

Festivus Beets of Strength

Festivus Beets of Strength

It’s a Festivus for the Rest of Us!.  Celebrate the season with Festivus Beets of Strength. Super spicy beet latkes to test your mettle during your Festivus dinner. If you you can’t handle it, you can use the Tap Out Sour Cream, if you’re a wuss. Uncle Matt, Tell Us The Story Of The First FestivusContinue reading

Umami Edamame

Umami Edamame

Umami Edamame healthy is a sweet, spicy, and oh so tasty snack that makes a perfect appetizer or side dish! It’s super healthy and only takes 10 minutes to cook. Edamame, Mommy! Yo dawgs.  Am I cooler if I spell it with a “z”?  OK lemme try it again.  Yo dawgz!!!  OK much better andContinue reading