Matt Cetta
Photo by Jenna Salvagin

Hey Peeps!

My name is Matthew Cetta and I’m the creator of  I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and hold a degree in photography.  My studies there took a bit longer than expected due to being diagnosed with anxiety/depression.  At one point, I was forced to take a leave of absence and in that time I found a love of cooking.  I am a person who believes the act of cooking can be therapeutic.  Not just the act of cooking, but the act of creation itself.

Eating is therapeutic as well.  When you were a child and you came into the house in tears because of something traumatic that happened at school, what was the first thing you’re mother did for you?  She probably cooked you a grilled cheese, served you a cookie, or gave you whatever your favorite comfort food was.  After that first bite, you felt right as rain.

Food is the one thing that truly can unite people; strangers meet for dinner as dates, families reassemble for holiday dinners, even heads governments come together at state dinners.  Uniting people and making them talk, laugh, smile over food gives me great joy and hopefully with the things you’ll learn on Nomageddon you’ll know that joy too.

Black Food Cookies And Milk

OK That Was Super Serious

Yeah I’m not that heavy most of the time.  I’m the kind of guy who loves good jazz and a good dick joke, fine wine and bad puns, and Mullholand Drive and Marvel movies.  I’m actually a pretty nerdy dude.

I’m also a fine artist.  You can check out my experimental photography project Photogenic Alchemy, which went viral in 2013.

Photogenic Alchemy - Lemon Juice

So stick around, read some of the blog, and as always; Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Work With Me

I specialize in food styling and photography. Hit me up and we can talk about turning your dish into some attention grabbing foodporn!
I also do food videos for online social media channels.  Check out my YouTube channel for examples.
I am constantly developing recipes not only for this blog but also for restaurants, chefs, and freelance clients as well. Having a wide array of recipes developed using your product creates interest with potential customers and showcases your product in different ways.


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