Sriracha Bacon Lobster rolls are the perfect thing for a summer cookout. A blend of succulent lobster, spicy sriracha, mayo, and crumbled bacon make a for a delicious seasonal summer treat. What Happened When The Crustacean Was Late For Work? She lobster job! ???? That Was Awful Yup.  It’s the end of August ’tis the season forContinue reading


This Pork Banh Mi Burger has all the flavors of a modern Vietnamese classic in burger form! Possibly the best burger you’ll ever make #BurgerMonth 2016 #BurgerMonth! What do you call a pig thief? A Hamburglar! Did you now that May is National Burger Month? Well if you’re wondering why every month isn’t burger month,Continue reading


There’s no better snack than sriracha hummus. You’ be scarfing down this addictive, spicy, healthy snack so quickly you’ll have to make twice as much. Put It On Everything! Sriracha goes good with everything, except for coffee.  Seriously, I tried.  Ok I didn’t put it IN my coffee but I had it with eggs and itContinue reading