A Kalimotxo is a simple and refreshing Spanish Red Wine Cocktail made with only 2 ingredients, wine and Coke (Georgian not Colombian). What’s A Kalimotxo? A Kalimotxo (pronounced Ka-lee-mo-cho) is the simplest of simple drinks and the perfect way to jazz up shitty wine. It was actually created with that very purpose in mind. Legend hasContinue reading


The Rosemary French 75. The classic champagne cocktail made with London Dry Gin, Brut Champagne, and Rosemary Simple Syrup. À Ta Santé! Cheers! Tchin Tchin! And all that jazz. Who want’s a Rosemary French 75? Cuz I do! What’s a Rosemary French 75? A French 75 is a French (duh) cocktail made with gin, lemonContinue reading


Miso Pesto! Is there anything miso can’t make better? When I Say Mi You Say So! Mi! So! Mi So! When I say pesto you say “My intergalactic space pants!” OK I’ve officially been watching The Space Pants video too much. Seriously, I’ve been searching for months for a pair of space pants that canContinue reading


The Seoul Mule; a new take on the traditional Moscow Mule using ginger infused Korean Soju and Yuzu Juice. WTF Is A Mule? You guyyyyyyys. I’ve recently fallen in love with mules. No. No. Not the half horse half donkey hybrid. Mules; the ginger beer based cocktail served in a copper mug! Not a Russian invention, theContinue reading


The Spiced Rum Negroni is a different take on The Classic Negroni made with spiced rum instead of gin. This cocktail has a sweeter, more robust taste with a zingy finish. Negronis, Homies! Duuuuuuuudes! It’s Negroni Week! YES! Wait. What’s a Negroni? A Negroni, my lovely friends, is pretty much the perfect cocktail. I wroteContinue reading


The Classic Negroni is the perfect cocktail for any and all occasions. #NegroniWeek Heeeeeeeey guys and gals! Guess what? It’s Negroni Week! What’s A Negroni? A Negroni is the perfect cocktail. Its super simple composition consists of gin, sweet vermouth, and an Italian bitters called Campari. Campari is a liqueur made with a citrusy, bitter taste. It’s muchContinue reading


A Blood Orange Shirley Temple. A new twist on your favorite childhood drink made with ginger ale, grenadine, and blood orange syrup.   Animal Crackers In My Soup Monkeys and rabbits loop de loop! Is it weird that I’m a Millennial male and know that song? Well today we’re making Shirley Temples. Chances are, if you were ever 5Continue reading


A whole breakfast in a bite!  DIY instructions for how to make your own bacon from flavored with espresso and maple syrup.  Makin’ bacon is actually easier than you’d think! Call Clay Aiken.  Call 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman.  There’s No Fakin’.  Cuz We’re Makin’ Bacon. That’s right!  Today I’m going to show you how to make baconContinue reading