A whole breakfast in a bite!  DIY instructions for how to make your own bacon from flavored with espresso and maple syrup.  Makin’ bacon is actually easier than you’d think! Call Clay Aiken.  Call 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman.  There’s No Fakin’.  Cuz We’re Makin’ Bacon. That’s right!  Today I’m going to show you how to make baconContinue reading


Sriracha Bacon Lobster rolls are the perfect thing for a summer cookout. A blend of succulent lobster, spicy sriracha, mayo, and crumbled bacon make a for a delicious seasonal summer treat. What Happened When The Crustacean Was Late For Work? She lobster job! ???? That Was Awful Yup.  It’s the end of August ’tis the season forContinue reading


Making your own bacon from scratch is easier than you’d think. This recipe for DIY champagne miso bacon is all you need to know to for your first foray into home curing and smoking with a gas grill. #BaconMonth Someday you will find me, caught beneath a landslide, of some Champagne Miso Bacon, in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I Don’tContinue reading