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  • Herbal Gin and Tonic With Tarragon and Lavender

    Herbal Gin and Tonic With Tarragon and Lavender

    The gin and tonic is everyone’s go to low-calorie cocktail. This herbal gin and tonic is made with tarragon simple syrup and finished with a few drops of lavender bitters. It’s the perfect use for fresh tarragon. One Does Not Simply Make An Herbal Gin And Tonic Actually, Boromir, one does and one can. So, […]

  • Red Wine Cocktail: The Kalimotxo

    Red Wine Cocktail: The Kalimotxo

    A Kalimotxo is a simple and refreshing Spanish Red Wine Cocktail made with only 2 ingredients, wine and Coke (Georgian not Colombian). What’s A Kalimotxo? A Kalimotxo (pronounced Ka-lee-mo-cho) is the simplest of simple drinks and the perfect way to jazz up shitty wine. It was actually created with that very purpose in mind. Legend has […]

  • WTF Is A Radler?

    WTF Is A Radler?

    Let’s talk about Radlers, the perfect cocktail for a summer picnic. Brought to you by Owl’s Brew. But No Seriously WTF Is A Radler? Alright, let’s get into it, folks. A radler is a German cocktail made of 50% beer and 50% lemonade, limeade, or other citrusy soft drink. Since they are basically diluted beer, they are […]

  • OMG! You Have to Make This Spiced Rum Negroni

    OMG! You Have to Make This Spiced Rum Negroni

    The Spiced Rum Negroni is a different take on The Classic Negroni made with spiced rum instead of gin. This cocktail has a sweeter, more robust taste with a zingy finish. Negronis, Homies! Duuuuuuuudes! It’s Negroni Week! YES! Wait. What’s a Negroni? A Negroni, my lovely friends, is pretty much the perfect cocktail. I wrote […]

  • Spicy Bacon Whiskey Soda

    Spicy Bacon Whiskey Soda

    How to make your own DIY bacon whiskey and create a unique cocktail to go with it. Using a SodaStream seltzer maker you can create your own soda with Torani Spicy Kola Nut syrup. Next, just add bacon whiskey. It’s Bacon Month And I’m Not Drunk We can fix that! Today we’re going to make a […]

  • Coffee Maple Bacon

    Coffee Maple Bacon

    A whole breakfast in a bite!  DIY instructions for how to make your own bacon from flavored with espresso and maple syrup.  Makin’ bacon is actually easier than you’d think! Call Clay Aiken.  Call 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman.  There’s No Fakin’.  Cuz We’re Makin’ Bacon. That’s right!  Today I’m going to show you how to make bacon […]

  • Sriracha Bacon Lobster Rolls

    Sriracha Bacon Lobster Rolls

    Sriracha Bacon Lobster rolls are the perfect thing for a summer cookout. A blend of succulent lobster, spicy sriracha, mayo, and crumbled bacon make a for a delicious seasonal summer treat. What Happened When The Crustacean Was Late For Work? She lobster job! ???? That Was Awful Yup.  It’s the end of August ’tis the season for […]

  • Yaki Tomorokoshi

    Yaki Tomorokoshi

    Yaki Tomorokoshi (焼きとうもろこし) is a seasonal Japanese street food. Sold at street fairs and festivals, this grilled corn on the cob treat is coated with a sweet soy sauce mixture and sprinkled with a seven spice pepper mix. You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to […]

  • Champagne Miso Bacon

    Champagne Miso Bacon

    Making your own bacon from scratch is easier than you’d think. This recipe for DIY champagne miso bacon is all you need to know to for your first foray into home curing and smoking with a gas grill. #BaconMonth Someday you will find me, caught beneath a landslide, of some Champagne Miso Bacon, in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I Don’t […]

  • Grilled Peach Bellini

    Grilled Peach Bellini

    Seasonal summer peaches cooked over a hot flame and turned into a refreshing summer cocktail.  A grilled peach bellini is the perfect aperitif for a hot, humid evening. Movin’ To The Country… Actually no I’m not, but we are gonna eat a lot of peaches! It’s mid-July right now and approximately 98,000,000º out and our […]