17 Milkshake Recipe Posts That Bring 80-90% of the Boys to the Yard

17 Milkshakes That Bring 80-90% Of The Boys To The Yard
17 Milkshakes That Bring 80-90% Of The Boys To The Yard

Because all the boys is an awful lot of boys, you can be more responsible with each and every milkshake recipe here.

1) Salted Caramel Frappucino Milkshake

Dishing Delish Salted Caramel Frappuccino Milkshake
via Dishing Delish

OMG can’t stop drooling over that caramel sauce!

2) Chocolate Caramel Bacon Milkshake

Around My Family Table Bacon Milkshake
Around My Family Table


3) Tiramisu Milkshake

Olivia's Cuisine Tiramisu Milkshake
via Olivia’s Cuisine

Cake Shake!

4) Red Velvet Cake Milkshake

My Organized Chaos Red Velvet Cake Milkshake
via My Organized Chaos

Cake Shake 2.0!

5) Nerds Milkshake

Rachel Cooks Nerds Milkshake
via Rachel Cooks

NERDS! OMG I love nerds! And not just because I am one. ?

6) Star Wars Blue Milkshakes

Sugar and Soul Co Star Wars Blue Milkshakes
via Sugar and Soul

Speaking of nerds. Sugar and soul is letting their geek flag fly with this Star Wars Light Saber inspired milkshake. I love this one so much!

7) Extreme Freakshake S’more’s Milkshake

A Side Of Sweet Extreme Freakshake S'mores Milkshake
via A Side of Sweet

Wow! OK this does border on bringing all the boys to the yard. I’ll let it slide though because OMG!

8) Samoas Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Country Cleaver Samoas Cookies and Cream Milkshake
via Country Clever

Your favorite toasted coconut covered Girl Scout Cookie chopped and turned into an epic milkshake. You can even add Malibu rum to adultify it! 

9) Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Milkshake

Wishes and Dishes Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Milkshake
via Wishes and Dishes

Fresh raspberries, made into a simple syrup, mixed with peach vodka and champagne. Boom giraffes can drop the mic! ?

10) Orange Creamsicle Mini Shakes

Cooking on the Front Burners Orange Creamsicle Mini MIlkshakes
via Cooking on the Front Burners

These lil shakes are perfect! They’re compact size ensures that you have a reasonable amount of boys in your yard.

11) Lemon Meringue Pie Monster Milkshake

Pint Sized Baker Lemon Meringue Pie Monster Milkshake
via Pint Sized Baker

Monster is right! This shake is fully loaded past the brim with crazy!

12) Cherry Pie Milkshake

All Roads Lead To The Kitchen Cherry Pie Milkshake
via All Roads Lead To The Kitchen

In homage to Gilmore Girls, All Roads Lead To The Kitchen made this epic cherry pie milkshake with real pie in it!

[df_divider_text title=”THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET BOOZY!” title_align=”separator_align_center” el_width=”100″ style=”solid” height=”3px” accent_color=”#8c0001″ border_size=”1px” padding=”22px 0″ position=”align_center” el_class=””]

13) Cinnamon Toast Squanch

Cinnamon Toast Squanch
via Nomageddon

Inspired by Adult Swim’s Rick and I made this boozy milkshake with cereal milk made from Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Squanchy! 

14) Chocolate Stout Freak Shake

The Beeroness Chocolate Stout Freak Shake
via The Beeroness

Chocolate stout and ice cream in a glass rimmed with crushed pretzels?  AWESOME! Top that with whipped cream, candy and cookies and you got yourself a bonafide hit.

15) Drunken Apple Pie Milkshake 

Gastronom Drunken Apple Pie Milkshake
via Gastronom

The “Noms have done it again. This one is made with vodka soaked apples.  You can soak the apples and save the apple infused booze for later!

16) Cinnabon coffee Milkshake

Blahnik Baker Cinnabon Coffee Milkshake
via Blahnik Baker

Did you know they have Cinnabon cinnamon roll vodka?  Neither did I until I saw this crazy boozy milkshake.

17) Double Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake

Heritage Cook Napa Chocolate Bourbon Milkshake
via The Heritage Cook

Chocolate ice cream and Buffalo trace bourbon make this milkshake into an AWESOME SHAKE!

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