Spooky Halloween Cocktails Vampire Cynar Negroni

13 Spooky Halloween Cocktails For Halloween 2018

Halloween is just around the corner and you need drinks to make for your Halloween party. Here’s a list of 13 Spooky Halloween Cocktails for you to make for Halloween 2018.

1) How To Make A Keg Out Of A Pumpkin


It’s so easy to make your own pumpkin keg. Fill it with cider, punch, or any spooky Halloween Cocktail you can imagine.

How To Make A Pumpkin Keg (via eatingrichly.com)

2) Vampire Cynar NegroniSpooky Halloween Cocktails Vampire Cynar Negroni

A spooky twist on the classic Negroni cocktail! This Cynar Negroni and Halloween Cocktails are just so much cooler with dry ice. (via gastronomblog.com)

Get The Ingredients Here:

3) Hallowine Sangria

Spooky Halloween Cocktails Halloween Sangria
A Halloween party isn’t just for kids! Celebrate the season with your friends by serving festive Halloween cocktails. This delicious and easy “Hallowine” Sangria is the perfect addition to any grown-up gathering this season! (via theseasonedmom.com).

Get The Ingredients Here:

4) BloodBag Halloween Cocktail

Spooky Halloween Cocktails Bloodbag Cocktail RecipeThese Blood Bag Halloween Cocktails are the perfect quick drink for all your Halloween parties! Made with two ingredients, this drink is an easy and deliciously spooky libation! (via sugarandsoul.co)

Get The Ingredients Here:

5) Black As Your Soul: Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails Black As Your SoulBlack As Your Soul are fun Halloween Cocktails made with lemonade, Bacardi Gold and a pinch of activated charcoal for a spooky-good party drink served in a coupe cocktail glass.(via simplymaderecipes.com)

Get The Ingredients Here:

6) Vampire’s Kiss

Spooky Halloween Cocktails Vampire's Kiss

A spooky version of a popular Spanish cocktail The Kalimotxo. (via wanderspice.com)

7) Wicked Chocolate Pumpkin Smash Halloween CocktailSpooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Wicked Chocolate Pumpkin Smash Cocktail

Orange and black decorated bourbon halloween cocktails flavored with pumpkin, chocolate and cinnamon. (via hungrycouplenyc.com)

Get The Ingredients Here:

8) Witch’s Heart Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Witch's Heart

A dreamy, whimsical and magical Halloween Cocktails made with Blackberry Shimmery liqueur! Are you brave enough to drink The Witch’s Heart? (via theflavorbender.com)

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9) Red Wine SangriaSpooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Red Wine Sangria

Red wine, apple cider, and blood oranges come together to create a delicious Halloween Sangria (via windycitydinnerfairy.com).

10) Bloody Bellini

Spooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Bloody Bellini

Homemade raspberry chocolate “blood” syrup make this the spookiest bellini that ever was. (via atipsygirlraffe.com)

11) Witch’s Blood Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Witch's Blood

This Witches Blood Halloween Cocktail is perfect for whipping up in a big batch for a crowd. An easy to make cocktail that mixes vodka, whiskey and lemon together to create a twist on a whisky sour recipe, but with the added sweetness of cherry. (via sprinklesandsprouts.com)

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12) Slipper Zombie Brain Halloween CocktailsSpooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Slippery Zombie Brain Shot

These easy halloween shots are perfect for an adult Halloween party. This twist on the slippery nipple features Black Sambuca. (momfoodie.com)

Get The Ingredients Here:

13) Witch’s Brew Halloween Cocktails

Spooky Halloween Cocktails 2018 Witch's Brew Cocktail

This witches brew cocktail has such a wonderful flavor that you don’t have to limit drinking it just at Halloween, you can drink it year round! (via dishesdelish.com)

Get The Ingredients Here:

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